Northern Virginia's experts in treating sports and exercise injuries

An active lifestyle is part of the culture in northern Virginia. When a sports-related injury alters that lifestyle, you want a sports medicine doctor to help you get moving again. At Reston Hospital Center, our sports medicine team is committed to doing what it takes to get you back on your feet.

To find a sports medicine specialist near you, call (877) 689-3627.

Reston Hospital Center customizes plans to get every athlete and exercise enthusiast, from novice to professional, back in the game. Our specialists in orthopedic care provide nonsurgical and surgical treatments for all types of sports injuries, from common to complex.

At Reston Hospital, you also benefit from:

  • A collaborative team with a variety of expertise. You benefit from shared clinical experience, board-certified primary care physicians, sports medicine physicians, fellowship trained orthopedic surgeons and licensed therapists.
  • Care in a full-service hospital. If you need surgery, we provide all the services you need to have a comfortable recovery.
  • Convenient location. Located at the Reston Hospital Center main campus, our sports therapy and fitness programs are convenient, right in the heart of Reston Town Center.
  • Free valet parking for hospital services. We want to make your experience as convenient as possible. Take advantage of our free valet parking at Pavilion II, weekdays from 6am - 8:30pm.

Our sports medicine and physiotherapy team

Reston's multidisciplinary team of sports medicine specialists, orthopedic surgeons, sports physical therapists (or physiotherapists) and other medical professionals are specially trained in sports injuries.

We help you manage pain and prevent further damage or re-injury with inpatient and outpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation. If you need surgery, we take a minimally invasive approach whenever approach, which means smaller incisions, faster healing and less pain.