Midwifery services in Northern Virginia

Reston Hospital Center understands that every expectant mother's preferences are different when it comes to maternity care and childbirth. That is why we offer midwifery options for women interested in natural or alternative delivery options.

For more information about our midwifery services, please call our Birth Navigator at 703-639-9538.

What is a certified nurse midwife?

A certified nurse midwife (CNM) is a registered nurse (RN) who specializes in female reproductive health and childbirth. CNMs may provide prenatal care, labor and delivery services and postpartum support. Midwives focus on providing complete care for mom and baby using low-interventional and natural techniques.

Generally, midwives care for women experiencing low-risk pregnancies. High-risk pregnancies will typically require the care of an OB/GYN and a maternal-fetal medicine specialist.

Personalized birth planning

Whether you choose to receive care from one of our practicing midwives or OB/GYNs, you will receive personalized, attentive care at Reston Hospital. We offer a dedicated birth nurse navigator who assists and educates you throughout your maternity journey.

Our birth nurse navigator will help you customize your midwifery birth experience to your needs and preferences, including natural labor and delivery options for pain management, wireless fetal monitoring, delayed umbilical cord cutting and more.

Please call (703) 639-9538 or email Shannon.Longendyke@HCAHealthcare.com to reach our birth nurse navigator.

Hospital tours

We invite you to schedule a guided tour of our maternity unit to help you get familiar with our birth center and facilities.

Maternity classes

Reston Hospital offers a variety of maternity classes, including childbirth education, breastfeeding support and more, to help you prepare for childbirth and experiences as a new parent.