Life after cancer. Yes, your life goes on. And we help you plan for the next phase with the most complete cancer survivorship resources in the Reston area.

Navigate Your Next Chapter–Cancer Survivorship

With the individualized assistance of nurse navigators at Reston Hospital Center, you can get back to your life, your work and your family by learning to adapt to changes in your energy level and stamina, nutrition, medications and the potential for lymphedema or swelling and fluid retention. Support groups, educational resources, rehabilitation services, classes and events all help restore your quality of life.

Members of your Reston Hospital cancer care team work together to help you succeed in developing a plan for your ongoing healthcare. Whether your life returns to the way it was before your cancer diagnosis and treatment or if you're facing a new normal that encompasses concerns about your physical and emotional health or finances, planning for your future helps you move forward productively.

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