Reston Hospital Center: A leader in robotic surgery.

Committed to remaining at the forefront of advanced surgical technology, Reston Hospital Center has launched the first and only Mazor X™ Visiting Clinician Program in the Mid-Atlantic.

As one of only 5 Visiting Clinician Programs in the country, and the only program in the Mid-Atlantic, this designation further establishes Reston Hospital Center as a leader in robotic surgery.

What is a Visiting Clinical Program?

  • An elite group of the nation’s most experienced spine surgeons
  • A comprehensive surgical training program led by a highly experienced surgeon who demonstrates best practices, excellent surgical outcomes and innovation in research
  • A training site to proctor and mentor new robotic spine surgeons throughout the world

The VCP at Reston Hospital Center is designed to enable spine surgeons from around the world to see the technology while learning best practices for implementation in another facility or surgical program.

 A visit to the program includes a case observation, as well as an opportunity to complete a training curriculum and to spend time with Dr. Good, learning the ins and outs of the technology and how its best applied in complex cases. Visiting surgeons will also be exposed to the daily operations of running a comprehensive robotic surgery program from the administrative perspective, while having the opportunity to speak with leadership from the surgical services area.

The VCP at Reston Hospital Center will be led by Dr. Christopher Good, spinal surgeon at the Virginia Spine Institute (VSI). As the Director of Scoliosis & Spinal Deformity Surgery at VSI, Dr. Good is at the forefront of spine surgery and has performed the Mid-Atlantic’s first and most advanced procedures using robotic assisted technology at Reston Hospital Center.

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