AAGL Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive GynecologyYou can trust the specialists at Reston Hospital Center to provide personalized gynecologic care focused on your long-term health, well-being and comfort.

Experts in Gynecology

Our board-certified physicians, surgeons, gynecologic oncologists, anesthesiologists and gynecologists–along with our professional nursing staff and support team–stay ahead of the latest developments in women's health to ensure you receive advanced, comprehensive care.

We provide a wide variety of gynecologic services to treat women's health conditions ranging from incontinence, infections and menstrual difficulties to uterine prolapse and gynecologic cancer, among others.

Gynecologic Surgery

Our full array of surgical services includes hysterectomy and myomectomy (fibroid removal), as well as uterine fibroid embolization to shrink fibroid growths.

Along with traditional vaginal, open abdominal or laparoscopic (small incision) surgical approaches to hysterectomy, Reston Hospital is among the first in our region to offer da Vinci® robot-assisted surgery for complex hysterectomies and other gynecologic procedures. We're one of Northern Virginia's leaders using da Vinci for the removal of fibroids.

The da Vinci Surgical System takes minimally invasive surgery to a new era, allowing surgeons to operate through small incisions with better visualization, precision, dexterity and control than ever before. That means less pain and scarring, fewer complications, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery–getting you back to your work and family more quickly. Our da Vinci surgeons have had extensive training and are members of Reston Hospital's Institute for Robotics and Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Gynecologic surgery may be an effective choice for many conditions and health needs such as:

Resources for Your Health

Visit our online Health Library for comprehensive resources on women's health issues including menopause.