Immediate, Continuing Stroke Care–From Your Door to Ours

When we're notified by area EMS of a potential stroke patient, our Reston Hospital Center stroke care team calls a Code Neuro. That's our well-established and highly integrated procedure linking us with local first responders for fast, seamless action, diagnosis and treatment of stroke to deliver immediate and ongoing care.

Our continuous treatment for you begins before you get to the hospital–as soon as you're identified as a stroke patient–which improves the care you receive across our continuum of services and enhances your recovery.

Seamless Process for Your Speedy Treatment

Within 30 minutes of receiving a Code Neuro, our clinical staff, laboratory and CT imaging teams are on site. Calling a Code Neuro alerts us to the impending arrival of a potential stroke patient and gives us time to prepare. Code Neuro starts the process of delivering the rapid treatment within the critical first three hours of a stroke that improves chances of a more thorough recovery.

Attention Focused Where You Need It Most

Completed CT scans and lab information are essential in determining whether to administer drugs that break up the stroke-causing clot. If drugs are needed, our swift turnaround lets us meet the 60-minutes-or-less door-to-needle (DTN) times required by The Joint Commission for administering clot-dissolving drugs to patients experiencing an ischemic stroke (loss of blood to the brain). Calling a Code Neuro focuses attention where it's needed most.

Continuing Care Helps Your Recovery

As you receive fast and effective treatment for your particular condition, we follow you all the way through our ER, surgery or other neurovascular treatments into rehabilitation and beyond.

Faster Treatment = Better Recovery

As a Certified Primary Stroke Center, Reston Hospital has the multispecialty teams to handle stroke emergencies and the community-connected processes in place to deal with them quickly. That means you get the very best clinical care and the very best chances of a more complete recovery. From the time you contact local emergency services, you're picked up by EMS or come directly to our hospital, you can rest assured we're racing to give you top-quality care with everyone prepared to focus entirely on you.

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