Surgery remains a key component of cancer care and the most common treatment for many patients. In addition to tumor removal, surgery may be recommended to keep a cancer from occurring. Other surgeries may be used for diagnosing cancer, easing pain, relieving side effects, supporting related procedures–such as inserting a chemotherapy port–or reconstructing damaged tissue.

Skilled, Experienced Cancer Surgeons

Reston Hospital Center's surgical oncology physicians and clinical staff draw on their extensive experience and skill to deliver the best possible results.

You benefit from the range of surgical techniques and options available, the complexity of cases we address, our high standards of practice and the successful patient outcomes that stem from our multispecialty approach to cancer intervention and lifelong follow-up.

Our team offers choices across the entire range of cancer care, from minor procedures like removing precancerous colon polyps to performing mastectomies for women at high risk of breast cancer.

Advanced Technology Enhances Cancer Surgery at Reston Hospital

The more often surgeons and clinical staff perform a procedure, the more skilled and proficient they become–all to your benefit when you're the one who needs surgery. At Reston Hospital, you'll appreciate the extensive experience of our medical professionals who expertly deploy the advanced technologies that reduce scarring and blood loss during surgery, speed your recovery and help you quickly return to your active life.

Cancer Surgery Options

Whether as an inpatient or an outpatient, you and your physician can select from the most up-to-date surgical services for cancer, including:

Comprehensive Cancer Care

You'll receive comprehensive cancer care before, during and after your surgical procedures at Reston Hospital. Our teams of diverse clinical specialists–using their pooled medical expertise–help manage complex health situations involving multiple body systems, such as your heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. We provide complete laboratory and radiology services, as well as critical care, infection monitoring and support for your recovery and rehabilitation.

Learn more about Reston Hospital Center's Institute for Robotics & Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Cancers treated with surgical options include brain, breast, colorectal, gynecologic, lung and thoracic, pancreatic/liver/gallbladder, prostate and genitourinary, thyroid and skin.