A diagnosis of cancer can be a frightening, life-changing event for you and your family. At Reston Hospital Center, we're here to guide you through treatment and recovery with compassionate care and the latest medical knowledge and technology.

Advanced Cancer Care Close to Home

The Ann B. Rodriguez Cancer Center at Reston Hospital Center, accredited by the American College of Surgeons, the National Accreditation Program For Breast Centers and the Commission on Cancer, provides top-level prevention, screening, education and treatment for cancer patients and their families. This means you have access to a comprehensive cancer program with the advantages of convenience, continuity and caregivers who assist you through every stage of the healthcare process close to home.

The oncology physicians on our multispecialty cancer teams deliver the expert medical care you'd expect to find in major metropolitan medical centers–but with a much more personal touch. Our cancer care teams also include professionals from a wide variety of related disciplines, such as social work, pastoral counseling, pharmacology, nutrition and rehabilitation. In addition, our oncology nurses are highly trained caregivers who combine specialized nursing skills with genuine concern for patients, which results in superior, personalized care for you.

Specialists in Women's Cancer Care

The nationally accredited Breast Center at Reston Hospital ensures the highest level of breast cancer care through early detection, a variety of treatment options, rehabilitation and support services. Our Women's Imaging Center, an American College of Radiology Breast Imaging Center of Excellence, offers advanced tools and techniques for the early detection of breast cancer.

When surgery is required, our skilled physician partners at Reston Breast Care Specialists–highly trained surgeons who have dedicated their careers to the surgical treatment of breast cancer–provide the most advanced surgical care available.

In addition, the Ann B. Rodriguez Cancer Center is a leader in diagnosis and treatment for gynecologic cancers including cancers of the uterus, ovaries, endometrial tissue, vulva, vagina and fallopian tubes. Our team of radiologists, gynecologists, gynecologic oncologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, infertility specialists and oncology care coordinators provide comprehensive care and services including:

  • Diagnostic imaging using the most advanced scanning, MRI and ultrasound tools
  • A variety of surgical options including da Vinci® robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery
  • Medical oncology, which uses powerful cancer-fighting drugs, hormones and immuno-stimulants to stop or slow the growth of cancer cells
  • Chemotherapy treatment available on an outpatient or inpatient basis at our hospital-based Infusion Center
  • Radiation oncology using the latest image-guided technology and brachytherapy (internal radiotherapy) for precise targeting of tumors
  • Supportive care, including pain management and other therapies designed to help you carry on a normal lifestyle
  • Clinical trials that provide the opportunity for you to benefit from innovative treatments that may improve quality of life and outcomes

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Resources for Your Health

Visit our online Health Library for comprehensive information on women's health issues and cancer diagnosis and treatment.