Reston Hospital Center
December 18, 2018

Reston Hospital Center's Spine Team continues to surpass milestones in surgical advancements. Recently, RHC Spine Surgeons Dr. Colin Haines and Dr. Christopher Good from the Virginia Spine Institute performed the world's first spinal surgery using a combined method of both robot-guided and endoscopic technology.

"Achieving this milestone in spinal healthcare sets a new benchmark focused on improving patient outcomes," says Dr. Colin Haines, Spine Surgeon and Director of Research at Virginia Spine Institute. "Combining these technologies opens the door to treating more complex spinal conditions through less invasive surgical approaches."

The spine surgeons conceived this new procedure as a means to modernize traditional spinal fusions with endoscopic decompression. The state-of-the art technologies used help to reduce procedure time offering a multitude of patient benefits including: improved accuracy, smaller incisions and lesser risk of infections, decreased radiation, less anesthesia and a shorter hospital stay.

"Our research has shown that procedures performed with Robotic Guidance utilizing Mazor Core Technology(tm) improve safety for patients having spine surgery and decrease radiation to patients in the operating room," says Dr. Christopher Good, Spine Surgeon and President of Virginia Spine Institute. "We are proud to lead the next chapter of advancements that utilize technology and surgical skill to more efficiently facilitate spinal procedures."

The Reston Hospital Center (RHC) Spine Team is comprised of nationally-recognized spine surgeons who excel in implementing the latest in surgical advancements for spinal procedures. Part of HCA's Virginia Institute of Robotic Surgery, Reston Hospital Center boasts the most comprehensive robotic surgery program in the Mid-Atlantic and is now one of only eight Visiting Clinician Programs (VCP) in the United States where surgeons from around the world come to train on the latest in Mazor technology.

"Our team continues to push the boundaries in advancing surgical capabilities and we couldn't be prouder," said John Deardorff, President and CEO of Reston Hospital Center and HCA's Northern Virginia Market. "Providing our surgeons with the technology and resources they need to keep our surgical program on the forefront of innovation means that our patients receive the latest in care in the safest environment; and, that is a commitment we've made to not only our patients, but also to our dedicated medical staff."