Reston Hospital Center June 03, 2013

StoneSpring Emergency Center to Host Photography Contest

StoneSpring Emergency Center will be hosting a photography contest to highlight artwork from local artists in their new facility, scheduled to open in fall 2013. A panel of judges selected by StoneSpring will choose five pieces of art, and the winners will each receive $100 prize, have their piece hung in the emergency center and be invited to a reception where their work will be unveiled and showcased.

StoneSpring Emergency Center will foster a healing environment for patients, families and visitors at its new facility in part by featuring artwork that embodies the unique character of Loudoun County through photographs of its landmarks and landscapes. StoneSpring Emergency Center photography contest judges will be searching for pieces that add to the warm and caring environment of the facility.

Winning photography will become part of the permanent art collection of the facility.

The deadline for submissions is June 24, 2013. For further inquires and submissions please email Complete guidelines can be found at

StoneSpring Emergency Center Photo Contest Rules:
1. Deadline for submissions: June 24, 2013, 5:00 pm. No exceptions.
2. Submissions must be emailed to by the submission deadline.
3. Photos for consideration must be emailed as a low resolution jpeg no larger than 6 MB.
4. After selected, winning photos should be emailed or delivered to Reston Hospital Center on a DVD as a high resolution jpeg appropriate for reproduction.
5. Photos must be of Loudoun County landmarks, locations or events representative of Loudoun County.
6. Photos must be accompanied by a descriptive caption in the body of the submission email that includes the artist’s first and last name, description of photo subject and date shot. This information may or may not be included in the final display of the image.
7. Pictures that include people must have an accompanying photo release form submitted where applicable. Acceptable photo releases can be obtained from Melissa Ozmar at
8. Once the five winning submissions are chosen, the art/photography will become property of StoneSpring Emergency Center. Therefore StoneSpring Emergency Center will determine:
     a. Where the photos will be hung in the facility or any other facility of their choosing.
     b. The finished size of the photo when reproduced.
     c. The party responsible for reproducing the image and all matting and framing selections.

Additional Guidelines:
1. Photos will be selected based on composition, quality, color and relevance to Loudoun County and the healing environment of StoneSpring Emergency Center.
2. Pictures that may eventually look dated will not be chosen for use. Examples:
     a. Pictures with people. People cannot be dated, however their clothing can be. Try to avoid anything that showcases the current style.
     b. If there are any people in the scene, they should be in the distance or secondary to the overall photo but relevant to the setting.
     c. Pictures with cars.
     d. Household items.
     e. Anything that shows the date (newspaper, advertisements).
     f. Anything else the photographer may believe can date the photo.