Reston Hospital Center
June 08, 2018

Reston, VA (June 7, 2018) - Reston Hospital Center has added a medical weight loss program to complement its existing MBSAQIP-accredited bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) program. The medical weight loss program supports and monitors participants as they work toward their weight-loss goals using tried-and-true nutrition and exercise principles.

“Losing weight is very difficult for many people. Many times, individuals work hard at losing weight, only to end up back where they started. It’s incredibly frustrating for people,” said Azra Kukic, bariatric program coordinator at Reston Hospital Center. “Our program helps participants achieve lasting weight loss with a customized approach that combines education, meal replacement diet and exercise to make sure participants are losing weight safely and have access to tools and resources to use after they finish our program”

Reston Hospital Center’s surgical bariatric program is widely recognized for excellence. The program is fully accredited by the MBSAQIP, recognized by all major insurance carriers, and designated a Blue Distinction Center for Bariatric Surgery by Blue Cross Blue Shield. In response to community interest, the program has added a medical weight loss option for people who want to lose weight or who are considering weight loss surgery and need to improve their fitness level in preparation for upcoming changes associated with weight loss surgery.

Bariatric surgery has been proven as one of the only effective way to lose weight and maintain weight loss. It is often used as a last resort, when attempts to lose weight using other methods have failed. In fact, most insurance companies require patients to provide documented evidence of previous attempts to lose weight before they will approve surgical procedures. Reston Hospital Center offers people a structured, safe program that encompasses a multidisciplinary team, supervised nutrition and an exercise program that supports them as they lose weight.

The program takes a comprehensive, team-based approach that is customized for the individual’s needs. Program staff include a doctoral level prepared certified bariatric nurse, master’s degree-level registered dietitians, physical therapists, and fitness specialists. The six-week program includes patient education classes and supervised small group exercise sessions as well as one-on-one meetings with registered dietitians and,  if indicated, physical therapists. The classes cover education on food labels, recommended portion sizes, recognizing and dealing with triggers for overeating, importance of mindfulness, sleep, simple and fun ways to incorporate exercise into daily activities, and the benefits of strength training. The team works with each participant to set goals and track progress, setting them up for long-term success. Participants work with registered dietitians to learn to develop one healthy meal a day in addition to using meal replacement products from the beginning of the program so that by the end of the six weeks program they feel confident on making right diet choices and maintain weight loss.

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