Helping to make Metro a reality

(Reston, VA- October 1, 2009)- Reston Hospital Center and HCA Virginia announced today that they have signed the Western Alliance for Rail to Dulles (WARD) petition supporting the creation of a tax district to fund Phase II of the Rail to Dulles. It is only with the creation of this tax district that Fairfax County will have the ability to fund its portion of the Rail to Dulles project.

"As a landowner and employer in Reston and the Dulles Corridor, Reston Hospital Center takes seriously its role as a good corporate citizen and community leader," stated Bill Adams, President and CEO of Reston Hospital Center. He continued, "We are proud to sign on to help make this important transportation link a reality for our community, our employees, and our patients."

Reston Hospital Center's support of the petition brings WARD very close to the total signatures necessary to create the tax district. In order for WARD to submit the petition to the County for legislative action, they must garner the support and signatures of a simple majority of property owners representing 51% of the assessed value of the commercial property located within the suggested tax district.

Fairfax County is counting on the Phase II tax district as the mechanism to fund its share of the project. If Fairfax is unable to fund its share of the Phase II construction cost, there would likely be no station stops at Reston Town Center, Herndon/Monroe Street, or Route 28/CIT. It is also extremely unlikely that these three stations would be built at a later date.

Reston Hospital Center joins the County in the belief that the rail project will improve mobility, provide transportation choices, protect the environment, improve quality of life, and ensure economic benefits for the residents, businesses and governments in the region surrounding the rail and we are proud to assist in making it a reality for the corridor.

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