Master plan to be implemented in phases

Reston, Virginia, April 9, 2010 - The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has approved a master plan for Reston Hospital Center that paves the way for smart growth of the hospital over decades to come. The plan, which has been in development for two years, calls for the hospital to expand in phases to meet the community's growing need for new health care services as they are defined.

"Taking a long-term view for expansion is an efficient and prudent way to respond to the community's evolving needs for inpatient and outpatient services," said Bill Adams, Reston Hospital's CEO. "More than ever, residents and employers throughout the region are looking for value for their health care dollar, and our phased approach to growth is designed to give them exactly that."

All parts of the plan that require state approval will be submitted to the Department of Certificate of Public Need (COPN) prior to the start of construction.

Reston Hospital Center's most immediate priorities are to add on-campus offices for physicians as well as to expand its current obstetrical unit by 14 beds (the latter has already received COPN approval). The master plan includes the following improvements:

  • Pavilion Medical Office Building - adding two levels (47,000 square feet).
  • Surgery Center - adding 5,200 SF.
  • West Tower - an 21,900 SF expansion that adds one level with associated beds and a mechanical penthouse.
  • West Tower Parking Structure - adding two levels below grade, two above grade (400 spaces).
  • Central Tower - a 41,800 SF expansion over two levels with associated beds.
  • Dietary Dept. - adding 2,000 SF.
  • New Emergency Department Parking Structure - 250 spaces.
  • East Tower - a 41,000 SF expansion that adds two levels with associated beds.
  • Emergency Department - adding 6,500 SF.
  • New Medical Office Building - six levels and180,000 SF.
  • Additional Hospital cellar space - 35,555 SF.

  • Consolidating several phases of development into a single zoning process has allowed Reston Hospital Center's neighbors to gauge how the hospital will change over time. "We've been very thorough in communicating our plans to the people who live near our campus," said Adams. "They've been able to weigh the practical effects of our long-term improvement efforts, and we're delighted to have their support for our plan."

    The master plan has been endorsed by several organizations, led by the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce. "The hospital has long been an economic catalyst in our community as well as a superior corporate citizen," said Mark Ingrao, the chamber's President and CEO. "They are now preparing - as is the rest of our community - for the next development boom that will greatly impact all of us, Rail to Dulles. As we know all too well, the commercial and residential development that is planned will lead to tens of thousands of new residents and workers, all squarely in Reston Hospital's service area."

    Reston Association and Reston Interfaith have also lent their support to the master plan, noting Reston Hospital's value as a major employer and taxpayer, a significant financer of Rail to Dulles through the Phase II Tax District, and a generous contributor to many community nonprofit organizations and citizens in need.

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