Reston Hospital center completed its first surgery using a new, near-infrared fluorescence imaging guided system on the da Vinci Si Surgical System earlier this month. Nicholas Lailas, MD, of The Urology Group, used the technology to remove a tumor from a patient's kidney.

When asked about the new imaging technology, Lailas said, “I am so proud of Reston Hospital Center’s commitment to being at the forefront of this innovative technology. Florescence imaging combined with the new 3D, HD camera gives the surgeon clear anatomical landmarks to better mark the normal and diseased tissue. We can now perform complex kidney surgery in a more sparing manner using a minimally invasive approach. The imagery that the Firefly upgrade provides us will now allow better visualization of the renal vasculature and differentiate a healthy perfused kidney versus tumor. This will result in improved oncologic outcomes.”

This new fluorescence imaging, called Firefly™, creates a more enhanced visual field for surgeons allowing for more accurate assessments and surgeries. The new technique incorporates a redesigned 3-D HD camera that is mounted on one of the four arms of the da Vinci Si surgical robot. The specially designed camera and endoscopes allow surgeons at Reston Hospital Center to capture images of tissue and surrounding blood vessels by injecting a unique green colored dye that is activated by near-infrared light. The camera can switch views between standard real time images and images illuminated by the dye.

The technology also allows surgeons to differentiate between malignant and normal tissue as the surgery is being performed because cancerous tissue stains less brightly than normal tissue.