A Magnet for the Best Nurses and the Best Care

(Reston, VA—December 19, 2007) – Reston Hospital Center learned today that it has received the nation’s highest award in nursing excellence, Magnet status, from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). It is a distinction that only 4 percent of the healthcare organizations have achieved.

“Becoming a Magnet hospital has been a vision of the nursing department for years. Today we achieved that vision, which wasn’t only mine, but that of the hundreds of nurses who I work with everyday at Reston Hospital Center,” said Cindy Glover, RN, MBA, CNAA-B, Chief Nursing Officer at RHC. “Our journey toward Magnet truly transformed Reston Hospital Center—I thought we were an amazing facility before, but now I see what we have become and I’m so proud.”

The Magnet application process is rigorous in its evaluation of a hospital's adherence to the ANCC's "14 Forces of Magnetism". These standards encompass all aspects of hospital and nursing quality, including the following:

  • the hospital's role in the community
  • the level of engagement of nurses in hospital leadership activities
  • the level of engagement of nurses in research activities and professional advancement
  • the hospital's quality of care and dedication to constant improvement

"This achievement goes beyond nursing at Reston Hospital Center. It has been an effort of every department and every staff member on our campus," said Bill Adams, FACHE, President and Chief Executive Officer of the hospital. "I knew how much work would go into the Magnet application process, but with the amazing nurses we have on our team at RHC, we knew we could and should pursue this effort. I'm so happy we made that decision."

Widely recognized as the "gold standard" of nursing excellence, Magnet-designation hospitals provide patients and their families with a benchmark by which to measure the quality of care they can expect to receive. This status creates a flywheel at hospitals—it shows the great value that the hospital sees in nursing excellence, and in turn attracts the best nurses, who help to drive the hospital even further in its journey to be the best. Magnet designation does not signal an end to the journey for Reston Hospital Center—it's just the beginning. To learn more about all that went into Reston Hospital Center's journey to Magnet Status CLICK HERE.

Cindy & Mary

Chief Nursing Officer, Cindy Glover, and Director of Education and Magnet Coordinator, Mary Ganger anxiously wait for the ANCC Commissioner to call and announce the results of the Magnet Recognition Process.


After years of work, nurses celebrate the announcement that Reston Hospital Center is officially a Magnet hospital.

Ed Choir

Members of hospital administration serenade the nurses with a special performance of Do you believe in Magnet. (Left to Right: Ed Stojakovich, Chief Financial Officer, Jane Raymond, Chief Operating Officer, Lesley Channell, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources and Terika Richardson, Associate Administrator.

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