Reston Hospital Center June 17, 2013

Construction image

Reston Hospital Center has begun construction to expand our surgical services department. This construction has changed how you navigate the campus and access the hospital.

Please note the following before coming to Reston Hospital Center:

  1. The main Pavilion entrance will be completely closed and inaccessible beginning June 28th. Everyone must enter the Pavilion through the rear entrance. Patients with limited mobility are encouraged to use our free valet service at the hospital’s Main entrance.
  2. Fencing has been installed along Town Center Drive from the rear Pavilion entrance to meet with the current fencing at the main Pavilion entrance.
  3. Town Center Drive will be reduced to one lane between the rear Pavilion entrance and the main Pavilion entrance, two-way traffic can still utilize this one lane.
  4. A sidewalk has been installed in the median across from the Plaza parking lot to allow for safe pedestrian passage.
  5. New crosswalks have been drawn to direct pedestrian traffic to the safest route.
  6. Construction and directional signage will be in place to direct traffic.

Please be mindful of new traffic patterns, stay alert when driving and walking, look for pedestrians and drive slowly.

Please arrive earlier than usual for appointments to allow plenty of time for navigating the campus.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we grow to serve our community better.