Avg. ER Wait Time

Wait times are an average and provided for informational purposes only. What does this mean?

iNotify - ER Check-In Prior to Arrival

Tell Us You're on Your Way to Our ER with iNotify

iNotify, from iTriage, is an Emergency Room notification tool that is available to you on the internet or your mobile device any time of the day or night. By using this tool you are letting our Emergency Services staff know in advance that you are on your way to our ER.

You can tell us you're coming to the ER by simply clicking the orange button above and filling out the short online form.

Upon arrival, patients will now be able to further expedite their check-in process with electronic kiosks. Similar to the airport and retail outlets, with the swipe of a driver’s license or government ID, patients can quickly and securely check-in and begin the electronic health information retrieval process that will pull available medical and pharmacy records to better prepare the ER staff and shorten overall wait times. - See more at: http://hcavirginia.com/service/inotify-er-check-in-prior-to-arrival#sthash.jWQMljxk.dpuf

For Even More Convenience, Download the iTriage App to Check-in to the ER With Your Mobile Device

ER Check-in, as well as several other helpful health tools from iTriage®, is available as a free download from app stores for iPhone® and Android™ devices, and is accessible from any Internet-enabled device at www.iTriageHealth.com.


Once inside the iTriage® app on your mobile device, you simply:

  • Choose Find a Medical Provider
  • Select "Emergency Department"
  • Locate "StoneSpring Emergency Center"
  • Click the orange "Check-In with iNotify" button
  • Fill out the simple form and submit

Patients experiencing a medical emergency should contact 911 or seek medical attention immediately. This process doesn't begin your medical evaluation, schedule an appointment for you, or reserve a patient room or ER bed. Patients with severe medical conditions always receive priority attention in our ERs.

ER Check-In is Also Available For Referring Physicians

Doctor’s offices can also use this tool to refer patients to the emergency department. There’s an “Additional Information” field that allows clinicians to convey vital levels, share past medical history, plan for course of care, and provide contact information to the ER staff.

Caring for Your Health and Wellness

Reston Hospital Center's commitment extends far beyond the walls of our hospital. We care about your health and well-being and take an active role in caring for our community.

Our commitment to a healthy community includes:

  • Community health screenings, education events, blood drives and wellness events
  • Classes and support groups for specific health needs
  • Community outreach partnerships
  • Charity care providing free medical care and financial assistance to thousands in our community each year

Learn more about our community wellness programs.

Performance Measured in Black and White

Today as never before, information is available to help healthcare consumers gauge the quality of care provided by hospitals and to compare facilities based on consistent and objective criteria. These criteria are called core measures, established as standards of care by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Reston Hospital is dedicated to providing the highest quality of healthcare to our patients—and our pursuit of excellence shows. View and compare our latest quality of care scores as reported by the CMS.